Installation and Commissioning

  • Installation, erection, and Commissioning for transformers up to 500 MVA, 400KV Class.
  • Shifting of an existing transformer from one place to another place.
  • Loading, unloading, dismantling, and dragging for transformer.
  • Third-party rate contract for supervision of erection, testing, and commissioning for transformer.

Testing of Power and Distributer Transformer

  • Insulation Resistance & Polarization Index Test With Digital IR Tester.
  • Turns Ratio Test.
  • Winding Resistance Test.
  • Vector Group Test.
  • Voltage Ratio Test With Three Phase Supply.
  • Magnetic Balance Test.
  • Magnetizing Current Test.
  • Measurement Capacitance & Tan Delta of Transformer and Bushing.
  • SFRA Test (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Test)
  • No-load and short-circuit loss power.
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis, BDV, Furan Analysis, and PCB Analysis for Transformer Oil
  • WTI, OTI, PRV, Buchchholz Relay, MOG Alarm, and Trip Scheme Check.
  • OLTC-RTCC Operation Check.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhauling

  • Overhauling of transformers and OLTC
  • Repairing of transformer and OLTC
  • Oil leakage attain
  • Replacement of all joint gaskets
  • Replacement of transformer protection accessories and fitting
  • Condition monitoring & residual life assessment of transformer
  • Re-painting of a transformer at site
  • Oil filtration of online/offline transformer at the site with ultra-high vacuum filter machines
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for transformer and package substations

Fault Analyses and Rectification

  • Specialized service for transformer related problem or as per customer needs
  • Fault analyses of OLTC-RTCC auto/manual working mode


Providing buyback service for transformer by replacing exiting high losses transformer with new energy efficient transformer as per latest IS – 1180 part 2 & 3 for up to 2.5 MVA, 33 KV and for balance rating as IS – 2026/IEC – 60076

Retrofitting and Refurbishment

  • Capacity enhancement by providing Force cooling system
  • Conversion of transformer termination arrangements from cable box to bare type or bare to cable box type
  • Supply & fixing of new OLTC in place of obsolete OLTC
  • Retrofitting of various transformer protection accessories
  • Supply & installation of nitrogen injection fire protection system. (NFPS)
  • Replacement of mineral oil by natural or synthetic EASTER oil
  • HV winding of Dry type transformer replacement at site

Rental Services /Mobile Sub-Station

  • We stock oil cooled & dry type Transformers of varied ratings and voltage ratios to cater the emergency requirement and need organizations. Rental / Service Transformers are generally provided during major breakdown of transformers or outage taken by client for maintenance of the transformer.
  • Providing rental mobile vehicle mounted sub-station buyback service for transformer by replacing exiting high losses transformer with new energy efficient transformer

Compact / Packaged /Unitized Sub-Station

• Installation and commissioning of up to 3150KVA, 33KV Class.
• Testing of transformer, HT switchgear, LT switchgear
• Periodic Maintenance
• Supply of all spares required for compact sub-station
• Fault analyses